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Southern California

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1 1/2 hour swim clinics 

advanced swim clinic

$145/ Week

5 days

scheduled weekly, no make-ups

  • 1 Hr of swim lessons each day

  • in-water pool games

  • endurance training

Water Wings Swim School is now offering SUMMER SWIM CLINICS at ALL locations

Our swim clinics are open to all swim levels for children 3-12 years old 

Please check with your nearest location to schedule.
We will not be offering swim clinics during the week july 3-7
Swim clinics are an intensive, fun week of swimming. We offer both beginner, intermediate, and advanced swim clinics. Each clinic is one week long and five days a week. Each day our swimmers will work on learning basic swimming skills, advanced techniques, new strokes, strength and endurance.                                                                                                   

702-227-7946  Las Vegas

1 hour swim clinics 

Beginner swim clinic

Intermediate swim clinics

$120/ Week

5 days

scheduled weekly, no make-ups