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Our Policies

Water Wings Swim School (WWSS)

www.waterwingsswimschool.com Lesson Fees Course fees for Private (1:1 or 1:2) or group lessons vary from club to club. For specific details please contact the office. All fees must be paid in advance of the start date of a course (please refer to invoice). Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in any swimming lessons until the fees are paid in full. Fees may be paid in accordance with the terms as discussed with the head office. Any bank charges we receive for returned payments will be charged at a rate of $25.00 Payment Options Water Wings Swim School requires that a credit card or bank information be kept on file.  Monthly tuition may be paid in person before the 1st of the month.  Any dues owed that are not paid for by the 1st of the month will be charged to the payment method on file.  Withdrawal Water Wings Swim School requires that parents notify company by the end of the month if they are withdrawing from school. Notification may be made in person by filling out withdrawal slip located at office or by email to parents@waterwingsswimschool.com.  Failure to notify by the end of the month will result in a charge being made on clients payment method. Cancellations Group and Private lessons may be cancelled by giving notice to the office via email or phone. Classes cancelled in advance will be eligible for a free makeup lesson for group classes.  Private make up lessons are given one free makeup each month and any additional being charged at $10.00 per lesson. Lesson Transfer  Lessons may not be transferred from month to month.  Any missed lessons must be made up on a different day than the normally scheduled class time. Classes may only be made up as long as the student is enrolled in classes. Teachers Water Wings Swim School although cannot guarantee the teachers for the following term they will try their best to keep some consistency. Medical Conditions and Individual Needs Water Wings Swim School cannot accept responsibility for the medical condition or other needs of any swimmer unless a full disclosure of the details has been made to the office by the swimmer or the parent or guardian of a swimmer when first registering the swimmer for lessons, or following any medical condition being confirmed during a course of lessons after the swimmer has been accepted for tuition. Valuables  Water Wings Swim School will not accept liability for the loss of or damage to any personal effects brought to any session and you are therefore requested to ensure that no valuable items are brought to the swimming lessons or left unattended. Attendance Swimmers, parents, guardians, siblings or all other associates, must observe the venue’s entry rules and respect all other venue rules while in the venue. Facility staff shall retain the right to refuse admission. It is imperative that swimmers are on poolside no more than 5 minutes before the commencement of each lesson and (in the case of child swimmers) should be collected from the pool after the lesson has ended. No child will be released until they are collected by an appointed responsible adult. The responsible adult must remain in the venue premises for the duration of the lesson. Communication  Our preferred method of communication is via email. All updates, special offers, promotions and newsletters will be sent by email. You will be advised of changes to our terms and conditions in writing by email. Behavior In the event of a swimmer, parent, guardian, sibling or other associate refusing to obey an instruction from a member of staff, behaving in an unruly manner towards a member of staff or any other person, or causing damage to pool premises or any of the furniture fixtures or equipment in those premises, the swimmer shall not be permitted to continue with the lessons. Water Wings Swim School shall then have the right to terminate the contract without further notice and the swimmer shall not be accepted for any future course organized by Water Wings Swim School. Rules and Regulations There must be no food in the pool area. Drinks other than water are permitted as long as they are in closeable bottles or containers.  Swimmers, siblings, parents and guardians are expected to observe the schools non smoking policy. Water Wings Swim School and the pool owners cannot accept any responsibility for any incident that was the sole responsibility of the swimming teacher in charge of the class or lesson in which the incident occurred. Full liability, in such cases, is with the teacher delivering the lesson. Refunds Water Wings does not offer refunds under any circumstances

By agreeing to a course with Water Wings Swim School you agree to the Terms and Conditions laid out above.