It's never too late to develop your appreciation for swimming. Whether you may be afraid of swimming or just want a tune up of your swimming skills, Water Wings can help. We offer many different types of adult lessons to fit all your swimming needs. 

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Adult Private Lessons

With one-on-one instruction, we can cater to your needs and move at a pace that works best for you. With our program, you can start your swimming journey at any time of year and we can cater to any ability level from a beginner to specialized training. Just let us know your swimming goals and we will lead you in the right direction.


Adult Group Lessons

Water Wings Swim School offers small group lessons for adults.  Our group class has a maximum of four adults per class for a 30 minute lesson.  We start from the basic skills of swimming and work up to competitive stroke work.  Classes are offered both in the mornings and late evenings to meet your needs. Please call your local school for scheduled times.

Adult Program

Adult Lap Classes

Looking for a way to get a great work out, improve your swimming stamina, or just want a fun and exciting way to burn those calories. What better way than to join an Adult Lap Swim class.   This is an hour long swim class for adults who currently posses the skills to swim laps.  Our adult lap class is for both Novice and Advanced swimmers taught by our finest swim coaches. Workouts and difficulty levels may vary between classes so please check with your local school for more information on scheduling and skill level.  This class is not for beginner swimmers.